Respite Villa

Respite Villa


Villa delle Rogge  is the Children and Autism Foundation’s structure which operates:
at weekends and during the Summer as a site for the Respite Programme;

  • during evenings and at night over the working week as a site for the "Live the City" Programme (until the definitive headquarters for this project are constructed);
  • during the afternoons over the working week as a site for training courses;
  • during the working week as a cooking and domestic autonomy laboratory for the people who work in the Art Workshop and who go to the Villa for their lunch break.

Villa delle Rogge is a normal house of around 350 sq. metres with a lounge, a kitchen, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a space for the use of information technology, doing mosaics and painting and a recreation room with a fireplace for socialising events. Outside, there is a garden with games and a fenced-in vegetable plot.
What makes the house "special" are the thousands of devices in the fittings, the structuring of the spaces, the communication equipment and the autonomy programmes and tools, such as, the visual instructions and steps for using the electro-domestic appliances or preparing the dinner. With this level of organisation, people with autism find a house created for their particular needs, as well as with specialised personnel they are able to interact with.
Villa Respite can house up to 5 guests at the same time. It is therefore used by small groups who alternate depending on the Programme.



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