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“Live the City” Project

The latest addition to all the services which make up the Children and Autism Foundation network, is the "Live the City" Programme.
"Live the City" is a Project which includes the creation of, on a piece of land made available to us by Pordenone City Council in the city centre (Via Roggiuzzole), a guest-house for people with autism who are working at the Adult Working Centre, the Art Workshop, with the aim of letting them experience periods of independent living and socialising in the city and community that they are working in.
The Project takes its name from the desire to let people with autism who participate in the Programme live the city, giving them the opportunity and possibility to actively take part and participate in the different cultural and free-time events which the territory offers.
The service is already active, since, while the finished structure is yet to be constructed, it has been possible to try it out at one of the Children and Autism Foundation’s buildings thanks to the partnership with the Allianz Group’s UMANA MENTE Foundation which, having recognised the Project worthy of funding, has renewed, from its start up and until the end of March 2011, its collaborative relationship with Children and Autism after a profitable collaboration which began with the start up of the Art Workshop.
The construction work for the new building will begin this year. To complete this work, the Children and Autism Foundation has started a national fund raising campaign, since the ambition of the project, with its objectives of inclusion and possible integration within the city’s context, is to consolidate its work in Pordenone in order for it to then be "copied" elsewhere.
Those who would like to repeat the "Live the City" experience in their own territory can, in this way, count on tried and tested results, from public administrators to private supporters, who may be convinced that we can do it. And for this housing model for people with autism to be not just a dream, but a reality.
If you would like to support the "Live the City" Project, you will be given the possibility of observing the progress of our work step-by-step, visiting the designated area for the building, and being kept constantly informed on the objectives and results that have been obtained.
To this end, complete the form here to be constantly updated with all our news.
If you own a company, you will also have the chance to promote the social value of your gesture via different channels of communication which have been activated by the not-for-profit Children and Autism Foundation, with a partner-relationship which also wishes to include profit-making bodies in a prospective of maximum collaboration.


  • Pordenone City Council
  • The Province of Pordenone
  • The UMANA MENTE – Allianz Group  Foundation
  • The CRUP Foundation
  • FriulAdria Crédit Agricole Bank
  • Studio Da Re engineering & c. s.r.l.


  • by bank transfer to FriulAdria Crédit Agricole IBAN IT57O 0533612500 00 00 40462825
  • at post office current account 10501591 in the name of the not-for-profit Children and Autism Foundation
  • with an online donation
  • using your “5 per mille” indicating the following tax identification code on your tax returns form: 91043880938
  • by making materials and equipment available to the Project
  • contributing by promoting the fund-raising campaign by sharing links or publicising our banner
  • sharing specific methods and initiatives with the Communication Managers for the Foundation (relazioniesterne@bambinieautismo.org)
  • other ways and means of partnership and support for the "Live the City" Project can be found together with the Foundation’s management.




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