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Emergency and Prevention Unit for people with Autism (EPUA)

On 2 April 2019, during the World Autism Day, the project “Emergency and Prevention Unit for Autism” was launched. It’s an avantgarde facility that will rise on land made available by Pordenone Municipality, in which people with autism will be able to receive some medical services and have assistance during crisis outbreak.

The Friuli Venezia Giulia Region also contributed supporting the cost of half of the intervention. The other 50% of the expenditure will be supported by the Children and Autism Foundation using thanks to fundraising’s resources.


Building’s characteristics

The building will have an area of 270 square meters and will be used for post-intervention hospitalization that are difficult to manage by a person with autism within a normal hospital structure, and for particular medical examinations (electrocardiograms, blood samplings, etc.) which will be carried out in a protected environment for people with particular mental disorders.

Inside the building there will be:

  • 2 rooms designed for the needs of people with autism.
  • A living room with a possible bed for those who provide assistance with a kitchenette and entertainment area
  • A protected space to give vent to moments of crisis with aggression, without harming people and environments
  • An infirmary

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