Fondazione bambini e autismo > VI.CO HOSPITAL App Hospital Hospital is an application available for Android and iPad mobile devices created by the Children and Autism Foundation in collaboration with the Pordenone Hospital, to help people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) and, more generally, with disorders or communication difficulties, in a hospital setting. stands for Visual Communication. People with communication disorders and especially people with ASD are facilitated in understanding messages if they are transmitted through visual languages. These, in fact, being more immediate, are received beyond the level of symbolic functioning and therefore can also be understood by those suffering from intellectual disabilities.

The Hospital application is a communication interface between people with ASD and medical and nursing staff, therapeutic operators, family members and care-givers.

It is possible to choose, depending on the level of understanding, whether to use the iconic, photographic or video code to show in detail to the person with difficulty, step by step, how the medical examinations, instrumental examinations, etc. take place.

Based on the fundamentals of behavioral psychology the person, as he successfully proceeds with the execution of each procedural step, earns a token that will eventually correspond to a prize for his collaboration.

For more information, visit On the webpage you can find tips and a video tutorial to optimize the use of the application by preparing the patient with preliminary simulations. It is possible to download the app directly from the App Store and Google Play.

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