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Have you ever thought about a creative and enriching volunteer experience

Before replying that you don’t have time, read below 🙂

Take a minute?

Would you like volunteering but think you don’t have enough time?

It is not necessary to have a lot of free time to help the Children and Autism Foundation. The Foundation’s activities, carried out in the centers of Pordenone and Fidenza, are conducted from Monday to Sunday during the whole year, including the summer period. Only by donating a few hours every now and then choosing the most suitable time based on your daily tasks, you can support operators during walks and trips with autistic children or during the residential activities in “Villa le Rogge“.

Have you got a hobby?

Would you like to do a volunteer experience, but you don’t know how you could be helpful?

A hobby or a passion can actually be very useful skills if you want to do a volunteer experience.

Are you a sportsman? You could support our therapists during physical activities with autistic children or help us organizing some of our initiatives such as the traditional “blue march” for World Autism Day.

Are you skilled in repairing objects or do you like gardening? Or maybe are you a craftsman? Near you there is a home for people with autism where you could give your help with small maintenances or where you could teach a gardening activity to our guys.

Do you like being in contact with people? You could give a hand in our stands at trade fairs, cultural events and special initiatives.

Maybe you are creative and you like creating fancy objects with your hands. In this case, you could participate in the creation of handcrafted products at the Officina dell’Arte or try your hand ability realizing educational materials for our children.

Or maybe you are a computer expert, a graphic designer and so on …

So, there are many ways to be part of a project that improves people’s lives!

In any case, you will never be left alone but you will always work alongside the therapists and expert staff of the Foundation.

And if you are a university or high school student, we will issue a certificate of attendance for your educational credits.

To find out how to volunteer at FBA, do not hesitate to contact us by calling +39 0434 29187, sending an e-mail to

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