The team

Cinzia Raffin

President and Scientific Director

Psychologist and Psychotherapist. Already associated with the Center for Systemic Family Therapy and Research in Milan, in the last twenty years she has dealt with Autism Spectrum Disorders at the Children and Autism Foundation ONLUS. She is co-founder of FBA and follows its development according to an innovative model of taking charge.


Cristina Venier
Daytime and Residential Services Director

Nurse with professional experience in the Intensive Care Units; in the last twenty years, she was involved as coordinator mainly in Emergency Area, collaborating at regional level in the drafting of protocols and trainings concerning Triage in First Aid.
In July 2022, she became part of Children and Autism Foundation as Daytime and Residential Services Director

Davide Del Duca
General manager

Philosophy degree, he later specialized in Economics with a Master in Fundraising for Nonprofits sector and public bodies at the University of Bologna. He is co-founder, together with Cinzia Raffin, of the FBA of which he has followed all the developments as president, before, and as general manager currently.



Pietro Turchet

Medical Director at Pordenone center

Medicine and Surgery degree in 1978 at University of Trieste, he obtained the specialization in Science of ‘Nutrition and Dietetics in the 1980/81 at University of Padua. Medical Director at FBA (Pordenone center) from May 2021.


Renzo Malvicini

Medical Director at the Fidenza center

He worked for a long time at the Civil Hospital of Fidenza, where from 1996 to 2004 he held the position of head of the Pediatric Service. He is currently the medical director of the rehabilitation center of the FBA Fidenza center (PR).



Paola Mattioli

Director of Fidenza center

Professional nurse. After 13 years at the Civil Hospital of Fidenza and a specialization in autism at FBA Pordenone center, she followed the birth of the Fidenza Operations Center.



Tania Fiordelisi – Francesca Valvasori – Cristina Bomben

Secretarial Team

Tania Fiordelisi: she takes care of the first contact with users and communication with families, relations with suppliers, administrative staff management and billing.


Valvasori Francesca: she mainly works at the “Officina dell’Arte” taking care of the relationship with customers and the sale of solidarity products. She collaborates in the organization of fundraising events and special initiatives such as fairs, exhibitions, temporary shops, etc.


Cristina Bomben: deals with the administrative secretariat, relations with banking institutions and with health authorities.



Odette Copat

Quality and Communication Manager

Political Science in Padua degree, she followed the ISO Certification for FBA. She deals with planning, fundraising and quality. She collaborates in social and multimedia communication projects, in the design and organization of events and campaigns and in the creation of multimedia products.

She is co-author of “autism friendly” experimental protocols and good practice vademecum for hospitals and institutions.



Concetto Distefano

Multimedia Editor

Conservatory graduation and Multimedia Sciences and Technologies degree; he mainly deals with the production of educational, scientific and institutional videos and digital marketing.

He collaborates in the design of social campaigns, the management of the FBA’s websites and social channels, the design and creation of multimedia products, also thanks to the educational experience gained in the “Vivi la Città” program in contact with people with autism.



Antonella Milan

Diagnosis Service Manager (Pordenone office) 

Respiro Programs Manager (Pordenone office)

Psychologist, Master in Educational Counseling. She is an expert in the diagnosis and functional evaluation of people with autism. She works at FBA as head of the diagnostic service and member of the rehabilitation team. She is also the contact person for all the Respiro Programs carried out in the residential structure “Villa le Rogge”.



Barbara Dioni

Diagnosis Service Manager (Fidenza office)

Psychologist and Psychotherapist, PhD student in psychology. She is therapist member and case manager of the multidisciplinary team diagnostic team, with a long experience in the design and implementation of projects for global management, in evaluations, in school advocacy and in the parent training conduction.



Emanuela Sedran

Daytime and Residential Services Manager

Pedagogist, trainer, International ADOS and ADI-R Trainer recognized by UMACC (University of Michigan Autism and Comunication Disorders Center), she is a member of the diagnostic and rehabilitation team of FBA. In recent years, she has dedicated herself to autism in adulthood supervising the employment and temporary residential services in Officina dell’Arte.



Elisa Brocca

Rehabilitation Services – Puberty Area Manager (Pordenone office)

Psychologist and cognitive-interactionist psychotherapist. She specialized with a second level School Learning Psychopathology Master’s in and a further second level ABA Master’s.

She is puberty rehabilitation services manager.



Sara Bellinazzi

Rehabilitation Service Manager (Fidenza office)

Professional educator and trainer, expert in Augmentative Alternative Communication. For years she has been involved in the education of children and young people with autism of all degrees of severity, she has followed the planning and implementation of the educational projects of numerous patients, gaining a long clinical and organizational experience.



Nina Biagi

Mosaic Master

Trained at the Mosaic School of Friuli (Italy), she works full-time at the Officina dell’Arte, the working center of FBA, in concert with therapeutic operators implementing work programs for autistic people involved.  She specializes in contemporary mosaic, but  she also devoted herself to courses in Venetian terrazzo, oil and acrylic painting, sculpture, photography, digital modeling and computer graphics.


Multidisciplinary Diagnostic-Rehabilitation Team

The team of therapists working at the diagnostic evaluation and implementation of global care projects is made up of psychologists, educators, speech therapists and socio-health professionals. Each team member underwent a specific training course on Autism Spectrum Disorders before starting to operate in this field.


The group of volunteers

Several volunteers offer their help at various levels, in particular within the day and residential centers and during the organization of events and founding campaigns.

To find out how to volunteer at FBA, do not hesitate to contact us by calling +39 043429187 or by sending an email to

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