“Tribute to Frida Kahlo” Special Event

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“Tribute to Frida Kahlo” Special Event


FRIDA KAHLO SPECIAL EVENT: mosaic, wine & food, charity

Event Schedule

9.30 – “Tribute to Frida Kahlo: Mosaic Art Exhibition”

10.10 – Mosaic Workshop with Nina Biagi, Mosaic Master Trained at the Mosaic School of Friuli (Italy)

11.10 – Wine and food offered by Pitars winery and Voila : delicious sparkling wine and finger food to make the moment a delightful one.

Event Cost: €45 per person

Language: English

Limited spots available

Location: Palazzo Monterale Mantica – Corso Vittorio Emanuele II at Pordenone

For more info and bookings contact The Looking Glass at thelookingglassfriuli@gmail.com or segreteria@bambinieautismo.org

The funds will go to support the projects of the Children and Autism Foundation to help many families in the area

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